The Biggest Problem With The Music Business

This biggest problem with the music business is always blamed on the labels for screwing artist over and being shady.But the fact is most of the blame goes to the musician and i will tell you why.After all my years of promoting musicians in this business there’s one point i have come to realize that i have never heard anyone speak on until know.They may have thought about it but i never heard anyone speak on until now.The biggest problem with the music business is that 90% of people trying to break into the business don’t really truly know anything about the business like how it works and operates.The might think they know but trust they have no clue.This is the only business where someone tries to get into the business and haven’t done there homework on everything about the business and how it runs.You would never open a restaurant and not know anything about food service,you would never start a car dealership and not know a thing about cars,you would never start a barbershop and not know how to cut hair and so on.The point is the music business is the only business where people overlook the fact you still have to investigate and do homework on the business and you have to have a business plan with a advertising and marketing budget.The routine of most artist is make a ton of music and buy the cheapest promotions they can find and skip right past the first step and that is that all musicians need proper consultation cause you think you know but you have no clue.This is a expensive business to break into especially if your gonna stay independent and talent doesn’t dictate this business fan base does and this is a business first and foremost and that’s why music business is 90% and 10% talent.Point is learn about the business before you trying to break into before you waste a lot of time and money with no true results.


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